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Our boat, “Whimbrel”, is a 22’ sloop-rigged Catboat, built in 1984 by Marshall Marine in South Dartmouth, MA. She was brought down from the yards on September 13, 2005 and launched in the Hudson on October 1, 2005. Whimbrel's first sail was on October 9, 2005.


During the season (May through October), we sail out of our home port at  Shattemuc Yacht Club in Ossining. Members and their families are encouraged to come aboard to enjoy the river, learn its history and become familiar with its ecosystem. We also welcome our members to join in trips to some of the many historic sites of the Hudson River Valley and participate in various Ferry Sloops activities. 


Our boat, “Whimbrel”, is a 22’ sloop-rigged Catboat

We mainly sail on Haverstraw Bay, where the winds, tides, changing currents, and marine activity make it a challenging yet rewarding location to sail. It is often said that if you can sail in the Hudson River, you can sail almost anywhere.


During the off-season, members help with boat maintenance at our winter home located at Shattemuc Yacht Club in Ossining, organize information evenings, participate in fund raising efforts, and plan activities for the next season. Together with potential members, they are also invited to attend meetings to learn more about Ferry Sloops, sailing and the river. 


During the off-season, members help with boat maintenance

General Specifications

  • Length Overall: 22' 2"; Length Waterline: 21' 4"

  • Beam: 10' 2"

  • Draft: 2' (centerboard up) & 5' 2" (centerboard down)

  • Sail Area: 338 sq. ft. (main); 100 sq. ft. (jib)

  • Displacement: 5660 lbs. Ballast 850 lbs.



What is a sloop-rigged Catboat?

A sloop is characterized by having one mast and two sails, a jib and a mainsail. A catboat is typically half as wide as it is long, and for its length, it can carry a large group of people comfortably. Catboats were so named because they behave like a cat: quick, agile, well-balanced, and quiet.

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