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Ferry Sloops is a 100% volunteer-run organization with members of all levels of sailing experience and backgrounds. Some members work to maintain and sail the boat, so that we can continue offering educational sails to the public. Others prefer to keep their feet on dry land and work at the environmental festivals we attend throughout the year.


Whether your contribution is fundraising, education, sailing, maintenance, or financial donations, you can be certain that you are playing a vital role in the life and mission of Ferry Sloops.


As a full member, you can attend our sail training program to become a crew member, enjoy relaxing sails with your friends and family, and participate in the various festivals along the Hudson River. Traditionally, Ferry Sloops participates in Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, Beacon Sloop Club festivals, Riverkeeper Sweep, Hudson River Valley Ramble, and Ossining Earth Day.


Ferry Sloops members are dedicated to introduce people of all ages to the Hudson River, sail its waters, learn its lore, and enjoy the natural beauty of its shores; with the notion that they will themselves become advocates for the River and help preserve our National Heritage.


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