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Ferry Sloops, Inc. is a non-profit, environmental sailing organization that inspires people to appreciate and protect our magnificent Hudson River.

Upcoming Events

  • The Hudson River was once home to dozens of lighthouses and lights. Today - only seven remain (eight if you count the Statue of Liberty, which was a lighthouse from 1886 to 1902). Join us to learn more about the remaining lighthouses, their histories and keepers.
  • The State of New York relies on the Hudson River Pilots Association to be the front line in the effort to protect the river environment and maintain safe commerce to all the ports along the river.
  • Experience sailing on the Hudson River aboard a gaff-rigged catboat as part of Croton Yacht Club's River Day event and the Hudson River Valley Ramble.

Enjoy the Hudson River, improve your sailing skills, become part of the crew, meet others interested in sailing, promote care and appreciation of the Hudson.

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